Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your watches made?
Each one of our watches is assembled by hand in the United States, and we do our best to source parts and services locally.  Our leather watch straps are made in South Bend by 3Bravo Leather, and we source our photography and other creative work in South Bend.  Our goal is to one day open a manufacturing facility near the site of the original South Bend Watch Company.  For now, most of our assembly work is performed outside of Chicago, IL.


What kind of movement do you use in your watches?
Our movement is based on the Swiss-made Unitas 6498, which is a modern version of the non-hacking three-hand pocket watch movements found in South Bend watches of the early 1900s. Unfortunately the only company that makes that movement in Switzerland has stopped selling its mechanical movements to non-Swatch Group brands like ours.  We have, however, been able to source a nearly identical version from an independent third-party manufacturer that does a fantastic job of crafting this tried and true movement.


What relationship do you have to the original South Bend Watch Company?The South Bend Watch Company closed its doors at the outset of the Great Depression in 1929 and has been dormant ever since.  We recently acquired a trademark for the brand and are very proud to be building on the legacy of this great American company.


I’ve seen another company by the same name selling South Bend watches.  Are you affiliated with them?
No, but we are big fans of the work they do to convert original South Bend pocket watches into wrist watches.  You can check out their website here. The hundred-year-old movements in their watches are a sight to behold and a great addition to any collection, but like anything of that era they come with drawbacks like a lack of shock resistance and a larger-than-ideal size for a wristwatch.  They can also be very expensive to repair or service.  We have opted to use brand new parts in our watches so that we can ensure the same consistent quality and accuracy that each South Bend watch left the factory with a hundred years ago.

What is the water rating?
Our cases are rated to 50 meters of water resistance.


What is your return policy?
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return the watch in good condition within the first 90 days.  If, after that, you encounter any issues that were caused by a manufacturing defect, we will gladly repair or replace your watch at our expense.


How accurate is the watch?
We fine tune each watch movement as part of our assembly process to ensure that it keeps the best possible time.  All mechanical movements, however, have inherent limitations to their accuracy depending on a number of factors.  Our movement is rated for +/- 30 seconds per day, but actual performance is often better.


How often should I have my watch serviced?
It depends on use.  If you wear it regularly we recommend once every five years or so; longer if it is worn less often.  Our movement is known for ease of servicing, so when the time comes any reputable watch shop will be able to perform the servicing with no trouble.